1.Set GOALS for your Russian ancestry research – is it preparing a big family tree, finding documents in Russian archives, solving family legend, locating the grave in Russia or locating live relatives?

2.Speak to your immediate family. ASK AROUND. Use the questionnaires freely available online. Pay attention to historical events and how they affected your ancestors.

3.Do not forget to ORGANIZE documents and photographs you have collected so far

4.WRITE the initial report. Write the interviews. Write everything!!!

5.Prepare FAMILY TREE. I recommend to include Russian version of ancestors’ names as well.

6.Do you know full RUSSIAN NAME of your ancestor and place of birth. This is a must!

7.Obtain documents from the country of IMMIGRATION (immigration/death/marriage records)

8.Read lots of books and articles, including from BLOG and FACEBOOK page (https://www.facebook.com/Russianancestryresearch/) .  Plus stay up to date with the latest news on a monthly basis by subscribing to our mailing list.

9.LOCATE information about your ancestors on Yandex.ru -Russian ver

sion of Google.com – using Russian name from step 6 above.

10.Locate the grave of your ancestor.


CONTACT  if you need any HELP or if you want to commission any type of Russian ancestry research.