Books about Russia, Russian history and people

Update 28 March 2014

You can find a full list of books about Russian history on my Pinterest page.

There are currently 143 books.


The list of books to read continues.


“Leningrad- Tragedy of a city under siege, 1941-44” by Anna Reid, published 2011

“Former People -The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy” by Douglas Smith.  Another view of the post Revolution events.

“Russian Dance: A True Story of Intrigue and Passion in Stalinist Moscow” by Andree Aelion Brooks

“Odessa: Genius and Death in a City of Dreams” by Charles King


Fiction (with historical facts)

“Sashenka” by Simon Montefiore, Bantam Press 2008.  Not to be missed. This book left a big impression on me.  The events start in 1916 in St Peterburg and touch Stalin’s Great Terror period. Highly recommended.

Also by Simon Montefiore – “Young Stalin”, “Stalin: The court of the Red Tsar”, “Catherine the Great & Potemkin”.

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