Books about Russia

Update 28 March 2014

You can find a full list of books about Russia and its history on my Pinterest page.

As of Aug 2015 there are 436 books.

Below are the books which I have read  and recommend to read. From reading the books you will be able to imagine the times and lives your ancestors have experienced.  You will understand and appreciate them more.

Happy reading.

1. Red Princess – A revolutionary life by Sofka Zinovieff

2. Otherland – A journey with my daughter by Maria Tumarkin- Vintage Books Australia 2010

3. The mystery of Olga Chekhova – the true story of a family torn apart by Revolution and war by Anthony Beevor.  Three quarters of this book describe the life in Moscow before and after Revolution.  Very interesting read.

4. Stalin’s children – Three generations of love and war by Owen Matthews

5. “The whisperers” by Orlando Figes.  A must read for everyone who had relatives living in the times of Stalin.

6. Olga’s Story by Stephanie Williams

7. Two babushkas by Masha Gessen.  Very much recommended.

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