A collection of books about history and life of Cossacks in Russian Empire:


The Cossack Hero in Russian Literature-A Study in Cultural Mythology by Judith Deutsch Kornblatt

Cossacks and the Russian Empire 1598-1725 : Manipulation, Rebellion and Expansion into Siberia (Routledge Studies in the History of Russia and Eastern Europe) 2007 by Christoph Witzenrath

The Cossacks: An Illustrated History (2002) by John Ure

Cossack Girl by Marina Yurlova (2010) about Marina Yurlova who served in uniform as a fighting Cossack, volunteering in 1914 at the age of 14.

The Cossacks 1799-1815 by  Laurence Spring (2003).  This book is about Cossacks , Russia’s unique and plentiful supply of irregular cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars

The Cossacks by Shane O’Rourke (2008).  500 years of the history of the Cossacks the recklessly brave, wild horsemen, or the romantic hero of the steppe, or the brutal mounted policemen, as they have been remembered throughout history.

Cossack by Ronald McQueen (2011).  Trapped between the forces of Nazi Germany and the Red Army, the Cossack people of the Don find themselves caught up in a fight for their lives and for their culture.


Many more at http://www.bookdepository.com/ or Amazon. Just type “Cossacks”

Do not forget to read Russian classics (those books have been translated):

  • 1965 winner of Nobel Prize for Literature for this novel -Mikhail Sholokhov ”And Quiet Flows the Don”  (1928)
  • The Cossacks by Leo Tolstoy (1863)
  • Taras Bulba by Nikolai Gogol (1835)


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