Russian burials – Eastern suburbs memorial cemetery, Sydney, Australia

Eastern suburbs memorial cemetery in Sydney, otherwise known as Botany cemetery, is a resting place for nearly 300 Russians.  The first Russians buried here were the refugees, who came to Australia after the Revolution.  Many came after the end of World War II.  Section is small,  just couple of  rows, identified by Russian Orthodox cross, with many abandoned or even unidentified graves.


Here are some of the names:

Paul Yudaeff  П.Н.Юдаев died 8.10.2005  aged 78

Nikolai Yudaeff.Н. П. Юдаев died 12.12.1977 aged 76

Maria Yudaeff died 27.1.1943 aged 39

Stephen Daniloff , born in Russia, died 20.3.1943 aged 71 years [lived at Birchgrove and once worked at Kalgoorlie mines]

Irina Gresch born 25.11.1877 died 25.9.1946 [lived at Elizabeth Street, Redfern and had two daughters Vera and Mary]

Vera Shakoff nee Gresch died 2.4.1977 aged 70

Galina Fedoseeff born 28.7.1900 died 28.7.1946

Basil Laurence Voronin (Vasily Lavrentyevich Voronin) died 6.10.1946 aged 49 [born 14.8.1897, at Chernitovo near Tambov , lived in Brisbane and then in Lakemba, Sydney , arrived to Brisbane 10 October 1925 on the Tango Maru]

Mikhail Stepanovich Miklashevskiy (Михаил Степанович Миклашевский) died 30.3.1964 aged 68 , architector of Russian Orthodox church in Cabramatta

Gregory Gennady Liapoonov , late member Russian RSL. died 28.9.1947, aged 64

Ivan Repin (Иван Дмитриевич Репин), mining engineer, born in Novgorod gubernia, died 20.6.1949

Pavel Ivanovich Borisov , born in Tobolskaya gubernia, Kurganskiy uezd, Baidarskoi volosti, village Marai, born 24.8.1872, died ???

Anna Vasilyevna Shablinskaya – Nizhnik born 1.10.1888 died 29.12.1950 [arrived to Sydney on  24 May 1950]

Lidia Karpovich 23.7.1913 died 19.7.1977

Petr Ilyich Krasheninnikov 20.8.1880  died 29.6.1952

M.K. Podyachev 14.11.1865 died 12.6.1952 [arrived Sydney 29 April 1950]

Aleksandr Tsezarevich Venshau (Александр цезаревич веншау) 2.8.1894 died 30.11.1961

Zinaida Wilhelmovna Gramolina 7.8.1880 died 5.1.1952

George Kropp 24.12.1910 died ???

Tatiana Kropp

Anna Koreshoff

Teophil Budzynowski

Anna Mikhailovna Jmaeva [arrived to Sydney on 6 May 1951]

George Jmaeff actor

Katerina Pavlova Katrina Paloff born 1897 died 27.10.1952 [arrived 1913]

Konstantin Afans. Davidoff , Tomsk University, born Irkutsk, died 1953 [born 1 July 1913, arrived to Fremantle on 27 September 1938]

Aleksandra Grey died 18.2.1943, aged 52

Olga E Serapinina died 23.4.1945 aged 75

Seraphima I. Sokoloffa  died 4.8.1945 aged 78

Aleksandr Serapinin Grey, lieutenant of Russian Imperial Navy Captain , died 11.5.1955 aged 67

Ivan I. Popov, Colonel of Russian Imperial General , died 31.8.1942, aged 54 [Popov Ivan Ivanovich]

DR Lydia Popoff second marriage M. Carraro [born 23 March 1891, arrived 6 November 1950]

N.F. Klopfer 25.9.1885 died 3.6.1953 [Nadezhda Fedorovna]

Michael J. Moskalenko, born Vladivostok

Anna Solowiava died 26.1.1951 aged 78

Innokentiy Aleksandrovich Netessoff born 25.6.1899 died 15.7.1950, wife Tamara

General – lieutenant Petr Gavrilovich Burlin born 12.8.1879 died 10.2.1954

wife Pelageya Dimitrievna born 21.10.1891 died 21.5.1966

Warrant officer Konstantin Alekseevich Lyubarskiy 1897-1963 [born 21 August 1897, arrived to Brisbane 10 Jan 1926]

Nikolai (Nicholas ) Aleksandrovich Kugaevsky born 30.10.1892 died 20.6.1951?

Aleksandra Ivanovna Kugaevskaya born 26.5.1908 died 7.10.1978

Lidia Nikolaevna Razumovskaya 18.1.1875 died 1.5.1954

Florence V. Orloff , born Ekaterinburg 20.10.1905 died 24.11.1954

Esaul Kazak Corps Russian Imperial & White Armies Anatoly V. Orloff , survivor of World War I, born …stanitsa Kavkaz 1.9.1894 [arrived 6 June 1927]

Ann R. Wellbaum Essentuki Kavkaz died 16.6.1955 aged 74 [arrived to Sydney 17 April 1925]

Captain Albert O.R. Wilson died 15.5.1957 , born 22.6.1878

Paul Strepps (Strepetiloff) died 18.2.1957 [born China arrived 30 May 1952]

Prince Michael Andreevich Romanoff born Versailles 15.7.1920 died 22.9.2008 [descendant of the Romanoff family]


I do have the photos of the above.  Please contact if you need any help in researching the burials of Russians on this cemetery.


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