Jewish cemeteries on territories of Russia and Ukraine

In this post I will continue the topic on Russian cemeteries.

Many people with Jewish heritage know what a huge job is being performed by on recording and translating the burial places of your ancestors in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia.   It is an ongoing project and you must subscribe to SIG weekly emails to stay updated.

But not many people know about the work performed by Russian researchers on territory of Russia and Ukraine.  Below I will list some of the websites I have found over the years and use consistently to help non-Russian speaking researchers.

This site was created by the Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg. The project allows you to find the grave in the Jewish cemetery and order the necessary services (at a fee) for the care of the graves. The site’s database includes the information on more than 80 thousand Jewish burials in St Petersburg.

Fund 422 in St Petersburg Historical archive with the collection of records for Choral Synagogue in St Petersburg has the books for buried at Volkovskoe cemetery for the period 1820-1871 (file 158-159) and the books for buried at Preobrazhenskoe cemetery for the period 1875-1918 (files 162-244).  Fund 1129 has the collection of metrical books for Kronstadt synagogue (1875-1909).

This site’s database lists burial sites on Jewish cemeteries in Russia and Ukraine. Currently the database has information on 110,071 tombstones and is being constantly updated.  The towns covered so far are:

Russia:  Arzamas, Vladimir, Ekaterinburg, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Kaluga, Kiev, Moscow, Mariupol, Nizhniy Novgorod, Noginsk, Omsk, Perm, Poltava, Pochep, Samara, Saratov, Solnechnaya, Tver, Tobolsk, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk,  Ufa , Chelyabinsk.

“Stone archive” is a database with the information on 62,000 graves at Gluhov, Vyazma,  Prshityk, Vostryakovskoe cemetery in Moscow (partial), Roslavl (partial), Orsha, Barguzin,  Shklov, Druya, Arskoe cemetery in Kazan,  Glusk, Svislach.

Found and processed are the archival materials for already disappeared cemeteries – Dashkovka, Dorogomilovo (Moscow), Odessa. Lists of burials for several cemeteries (Borisov, Gorki) were shared by local history researchers and the leaders of the Jewish communities (Bobruisk).

To use this database you need to register. If you know the surname and the place, I can help you to late the burial record in this database.

Khersonskoe Jewish cemetery in Kursk (added July 2015)

If you are aware of any other similar project on Russian cemeteries, which are not covered by, please let men know.  I will update the list of sites to use for family researchers.


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