1897 census for Odessa on internet

The appearance of archival records from Russia or Ukraine on internet in a digitised form and in any format, whether scanned or indexed, is breaking news.

The addition to familysearch.org of census records filmed at the State Archive of the Odessa Region in Ukraine is no exception. These are portions of the 1897 All-Russian census taken in the city, arranged by street name. To view the collection you need to be a member of a supporting “Family Search” organisation or use the site at a local family history center.

Most importantly you need to know the Russian version of your ancestor’s surname and the street where they lived in 1897.  The address books “All Odessa” can help you with that. The earliest book available on internet is for year 1899.

Please remember that it is only a part of the collection.  A lot has been lost.

To learn more about Odessa archive, read here.


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