Archives in Russia – Yaroslavl

Residents of Yaroslavl region are in luck.  Local State Archive is one of the richest archives in Russia. The region’s territory was not occupied during the World War II and archive’s storages were not seriously burned or flooded. Revizskie skazki (census tales , click on link to learn more) are there for researchers to discover their ancestors .  All you need to do is to contact the archive to get the copies.

“If the person lived in Yaroslavl province, the probability of finding him/her in the documents is almost 100%” said the director of Yaroslavl archive Evgeniy Guzanov in his interview to Rossiyskaya gazeta on 17 June 2005.

If you go to the archive’s website you will be able to read scanned newspapers dated from 1831.  In particular, Yaroslavl Provincial Gazette –  1831–1862, 1865, 1880, 1904–1909 and Yaroslavl diocesan Gazette for the period 1860–1872, 1897.

You can also find a list of soldiers of lower ranks from Yaroslavl region, who died in the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

Do you need help in contacting the archive for the information?

PS Odessa archive’s review is coming next.  Keep an eye on the next post, as it is going to be interesting.

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