Archives of Khabarovsk region

As always, while doing research for one person, I discovered something that might help many family researchers.

It is an online alphabetical database of Russian immigrants from China to Australia, Brasil, USA.  This database is abbreviated in Russian to БРЭМ (or BREM) and is based on documents from the main office of Bureau of Russian Emigrants in the Manchurian Empire.  On December 28, 1934 in Harbin a special organisation was formed of representatives of prominent émigré circles, endowed with special administrative jurisdiction over Russian emigrants.


Bureau documents reflect the history and its various activities since inception in December 1934 to the end of 1945. So if your ancestors left China/Manchuria after 1935 but before 1945 their names should be in this database. There are 56472 entries. The size of each file varies anywhere between 2 pages to 94.

If you have located your ancestors, it is time to write to Khabarovsk region archives. Need help? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Additional info on migration from China:

  • In the early 20th century (1910 year) sugar plantation owners in Hawaii began to recruit workers from Russia. For this purpose, the Minister of the Hawaiian Islands on immigration went to Harbin, Manchuria to recruit Russian workers. More than 2,000 Russian and Ukrainians arrived to work in Hawaii. See the article.  Hawaiian archive has information of 165 Russian immigrants who wished to return home (1917, 1918) but not necessarily did.  Everyone had to submit a photo, details about when and where he/she was born, the place of work in Russia, the year and the name of the vessel on which they came to Hawaii, a job he/she performed in Hawaii, information about children and religion.

Also the following lists are available on Russian genealogical forums:

  • List of immigrants from Harbin to USA in the period 1892 – 1925 and who arrived at Ellis Island
  • List of 562 people who was born in Harbin and immigrated to Brazil after World War II.
  • List of natives of Blagoveshchensk (administrative centre of Amur region) who immigrated to Brazil between 1901 and 1961
  • List of people who immigrated from Harbin to Australia after World War II.

I can check the names of your ancestors on these lists, if interested.

4 thoughts on “Archives of Khabarovsk region

  1. Carol Golichnik Reply

    How great to find someone with your expertise. I am trying to help my friend research more about her grandfather’s family. His family is Russian, however he was born in Harbin March 5, 1904. He arrived in Seattle November 1, 1923. We believe his birth name is Mosie Isacson. Any guidance you could give me about how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. I do not read Russian.

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Hi Carol

      Have you found any migration papers, death records for Mosie’s parents? This will help you to establish where the family came from originally. Harbin was more likely the temporary place of living. There is no Isacson family in BREM files. Meaning that there was no one from the family who stayed behind. Regards Tana

  2. Natasha Shkouratoff Reply

    How do you get hold of the Khabarovsk region archives?

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