Archives of Bashkiria – Orenburg, Ufa, Belebey

Central Historical Archive of the Republic of Bashkiriya (covering Orenburg, Ufa and Belebey area) is the largest archive of the Ural region storing documents on history of the region from 1749 to 2011.

Old Orenburg
Old Orenburg

Pre-revolutionary archival funds focus on administrative, police, judicial, military, rural and religious worship organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises, educational institutions in the region – Ufa governorship from 1749 to 1796, the Orenburg province/gubernia to 1865 and Ufa province/gubernia up to 1917.

The most informative funds are: the Office of the Orenburg Governor-General (1769-1877), the Ufa province administration (1784-1842), the Office of Civil Governor of Ufa (1844-1917), the Orenburg Mohammedan Spiritual Assembly (1789 -1917) and Ufa provincial gendarmerie (1883-1917), Orenburg Exchequer/Treasury department (1794-1865), Ufa provincial district council (1875-1917), Ufa Regional Statistical Committee (1870-1918), Ufa provincial land management committee (1797-1917) and others.

In this archive you will be able to find census documents from the end of the XVIII century.

This Revision lists from 5th (1794) to 10th (1858) revision for the Orenburg province are stored in Orenburg Treasury department fund, grouped according to the time of revision, counties of Orenburg province, social status or nationality of the population. The information has been indexed and is held in the archive’s internal database.

This fund also has the city residents books of Orenburg (городовые обывательские книги ) collected in accordance with the city regulations of 1785.

The books consist of six parts, which include the real estate and landowners known as “real town inhabitants”, guild merchants, craftsmen, non-residents and foreign guests, eminent citizens (public figures, scientists, academics, artists, bankers, wholesalers and others) and townsmen (all other residents of the city).

In addition, the Orenburg Treasury department fund kept the tax books (окладные книги) and nominal lists of merchants and meschanins of various cities in Orenburg province. The books on merchants contain information on owners of capital and their families, their age according to the latest audit, information about the capital, the family information in the previous audit.

The books on meschanins include the following information: last name, first name, the number of family members, the origin (from which social class the meschanin came from ), information on the ownership.

The 1897 census information (the first national census of the Russian Empire) for Orenburg gubernia is only of a statistical value.  No individual information have been saved.

The documents from 1926 census (first All-Union census of the population) are held in a separate fund and have the manual for the collection of census information and sample census forms.  In addition to summary reports in the census documents there are statements of ownership in towns (владенные ведомости) and lists of householders in rural areas (поселенные списки).

Statements of ownership in 1926 census specify the address of the owner, first, patronymic name and surname, the number of families living in the apartment, and the number of occupants. In the lists of householders in rural areas you can find a surname, name and patronymic of the householder, nationality, number of family members by sex.

The archive also has the following internal databases:

  • Repressed during Stalin purges
  • Dekulaziation lists
  • Genealogy of nobles of Orenburgskaya gubernia -882 entries
  • Metrical books – Mohammedan spiritual consistory
  • Metrical books – Ufimskaya orthodox consistory

Genealogical research is temporarily not performed by the archive due to increased number of requests of socio-legal nature.  However, a biographical information on a certain person can be requested.


Additional information:

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