Central State archive of Republic of Dagestan

Central State archive of Republic of Dagestan (Центральный  государственный архив Республики Дагестан) was not my radar for an article until I had a luck in its online researchable database.

Russian ancestry -Archive of Republic of Dagestan
Russian ancestry -Temir Khan Shura

A Russian ancestor was a director of Temir-Khan-Shura local hospital and the entry on internet gave me a link to the archive’s database – fund 234.  The database only lists inventories.  But at least there is something that can be researched.  The request for more information follows.

To give you an idea the Catalogue of funds has 4145 funds and 9589 inventories. Amongst the funds you can fins records of :

  • Office of military governor of Dagestan region, Temir-Khan-Shura (1883-19170)
  • Nobility papers for town Kizlyar.
  • Office papers for brewery owned by Weiner A.P. (1910-1914)

Various regiments and organizations of towns like Port Petrovsk , Temir-Khan Shura, Derbent, Khasavurt, Kizlyar and various villages of the region are covered.

The database revealed 25 entries for various churches in Dagestan including:

  • Georgievskaya Church of 12th Georgian battalion (1839-1840)
  • Trinity (Troitskaya) Church, Temir-Khan-Shura of Dagestan region (1862-1917)
  • Roman Catholic Church of Dagestan region in Temir-Khan-Shura

There are no censuses and revizskie skazki preserved by the archive.  Only statistical data is available.

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