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I am currently researching a life of a very interesting woman whose identity is a mystery.  I know bits and pieces about her and her family but not her real surname.  She tried to keep it secret during her life and seems like she managed to do it.

I know that she was born in Taganrog in 1896.  To learn more I turn to internet.  Few small hits and misses and I have found very interesting information I wanted to share with you.

Taganrog is a port city in Rostov Oblast in Russia located several kilometres west of the mouth of the Don River.

The history of the city goes back to 20th-10th centuries BC. It was the earliest Greek settlement in the Northern-Western Black Sea region. The first Russian Navy base, Taganrog was officially founded by Peter the Great on September 12th 1698 and hosted the Azov Flotilla of Catherine the Great (1770–1783). This flotilla subsequently became the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

By the end of the 18th century, Taganrog was absorbed into the Russian Empire and was an important commercial port. By the end of the 19th century-early 20th century it was used for the import and export of grain. Belgian and German investors founded a boiler factory, an iron and steel foundry, a leather factory and an oil press factory. By 1911, fifteen foreign consulates had opened in the city.

During May–August 1918, the city was occupied by the German troops. But by December 25th 1919 the Soviet power was established in the town, Denikin’s remaining troops and the British Consulate were evacuated by HMS Montrose.

Numerous Russian and international aristocrats, politicians, artists, and scientists were born and/or have lived in Taganrog. Taganrog is the native city of Anton Chekhov and my mysterious lady.

As I have mentioned previously on my blog, there are many historians in Russia who research their home towns and people who lived in them many years ago. Taganrog is no exception.

A detailed account of all streets and people who occupied the houses along these streets is a great example of a historical and genealogical research performed by enthusiasts.   You can find more information on this site.


On this site you will find a special section on “People who lived in Taganrog” and who left a mark in the history of the city.  The information about these personalities was gathered from various sources.

If this is not enough, a database “Old cemetery of Taganrog” was also published online by enthusiast  Elena Alekseenko.


I am still searching for my heroine but maybe you will find your ancestors on this site.  Who knows where your luck will come from?

The above sites cover only historical Taganrog but similar projects were done for other Russian towns.



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    Thank you for notices about my project http://cemetery.su. Necropole is huge for the one person, many graves, even known for me, don’t put online for now. Sometime, me or somebody could to meet it. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly via site or email about your relatives. It maybe, I have some information or could find in future.

    Regards, Elena A.

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