Latest news from Russian archives – November 2014


  1. Just last week St Petersburg archives announced that the proposed project of digitization and loading of metrical books of St Petersburg on internet goes ahead on 1 December 2014.


The price of the research is still unknown. In order to find a record of an ancestor on the site, you will need to know at least the approximate year and the church where the baptism or wedding occurred.

Will update the article with the details of the site, when it becomes available.

Digitisation of Police records from 1913 to 1918 (SARF) from
Digitization of Police records from 1913 to 1918 (SARF) from


  1. State Archives of the Russian Federation (SARF) together with ELAR completed digitization of pre-revolutionary documents – Affairs of the Police Department for the period from 1913 to 1918. Those can be found at the archive’s site. I still have to write an article about it.  Keep an eye at this space.


  1. Internet portal “Ancestral lines” was created by the Administration of the Belgorod region and the State Archive of Belgorod region. The archive translated metrical records of all churches of town Belgorod. All information is collected on a single resource, translated into modern Russian and posted as personalized cards.


Site search engine allows you to quickly get information about the ancestors and see the scanned original document with the text, only in pre-revolutionary orthography. All documents can be downloaded. The next step is to digitize metric towns and villages of Belgorod area.


  1. A unique opportunity exists to those whose ancestors came from Perm region. State archive of Perm region created the online database/information retrieval system”Generations of Perm Krai.” On February 1, 2014 the archive scanned 2,149 files from parish registers. The system recorded 1,752,244 records of births, marriages and deaths of population of Perm province.  Good luck searching.  Remember – are you using correct Russian surname!




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