Nightmare in State archive of the Arkhangelsk Region

State archive of the Arkhangelsk region (Государственный архив Архангельской области) was formed in 1728 as the Arkhangelsk Provincial Archives and has an array of amazing genealogical documents:

  • Revision lists (revizskie skazki) of population in 1745, 1782, 1795, 1811, 1816, 1834, 1850, 1857 for all counties of gubernia;
  • confessional (or spiritual) books of residents of Orthodox faith for all counties of gubernia for period 1719 -1917;
  • metrical records for all counties of gubernia for period 1780-1918;
  • merchant and meschane books for cities of gubernia  1785-1870;
  • materials for 1897 population census for gubernia
  • census lists of 1920 census for the city of Arkhangelsk.

However, the archive does not have an internal electronic database.  Census questionnaires for residents of the Arkhangelsk region for 1897,  census of 1920, parish and other spiritual books are not given into reading rooms to researchers due to poor physical condition. This situation exists already for the last 15 years. The archivists manually check all books.

Requests for pedigrees/genealogical research are accepted in December every year only. If you have missed this December, wait until next December.

Quality of work is good but you have to wait for about a year and the archive does not make copies of documents that contain the necessary information.  You will only receive a certificate.  The cost of genealogical research/pedigree for one line is about 15-18,000 rubles with non-refundable advance payment of 1500 rubles.  If you want to hire a private researcher – about 40,000 rubles with half-year turn around.

Option two is to research a particular person . The application for a certificate for a specific event (birth, marriage, death) can be submitted at any time.   Price per certificate 1067 rubles.  But for this you need to know the full name including patronymic and the correct birth date.

How much do you know about your ancestors from Archangel/Arkhangelsk/ Archangelsk?


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