Russian ancestry 2017 -year in review

Another year is gone, and I have made so many interesting discoveries for my Russian ancestry clients. Let’s look back at the most popular stories this year and discover what you might have missed.

BREM database

at Khabarovsk archive, as always, was the most popular source.  I have received many requests to help organizing the files from this archive and translating the received information.

St Petersburg Historical archive

gave an access to metrical records (birth, death, marriage) for the period from 1918 to 1924. This was unexpected.

‘’Memorial’’ project

has changed their website.  Now you can find an updated database of victims of political terror in a new place.  The search is easier and quicker.

WW1 database

Everyone in Russia is still talking about project. This is the latest addition to a list of Russian genealogy websites – a database of 2,278,000 Russian servicemen, who were killed, wounded, captured or went missing during World War 1. The project was created by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with the support of the Federal Archival Agency and the Russian Historical Society.   The database is based on catalog cards from Fund No. 16196 in Russian State Military Historical Archive and has entries on 3066 awards for the year 1914.

I have worked directly with the archives and on-site researchers, who helped me to collect information in Navy archive on one admiral, a family from Archangel, Jewish gold master from Mogilev trading in St Petersburg, to name a few.

I have researched a family, who claimed to be Princes, only to discover that their ancestor received the nobility for long service in the government position.  And now they have the supporting documents from the archives.

Few family researchers came to me with files already collected by some other Russian researchers, only because they hit the wall.  Often, another view from a different angle can move you forward.

Many requests came with the information insufficient to continue the research.  Here I helped to locate the documents in USA, Canada and Australian archives, which revealed more family facts and most importantly places of birth.

Russians in Australia

By the way, Í want to remind you about my interest in the history of Russians in Australia and necropolistic work I do in Australia.  This year I have made very important contacts with many Russian authors and historians on Russians in Australia.  Now I can say that I ‘’do know” people. And I have been involved in an ambitious project, which hopefully will be fully running next year. I will keep you posted on this.

I hope that you found my content this year both interesting and useful. If you want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in Russian archives, join me and stay tuned on Facebook or subscribe to once a month newsletter.

And do not forget to read.  Here is a list of books for summer reading.

Make 2018 the year of family history discoveries.  I am here to inspire you whatever your genealogy goals are.  And Skype consultations hopefully will make it possible.  This is a new service, which I will be providing next year to all my clients.

Wherever you are on this planet, I wish you a great holiday! I will be recharging my mind from 24 December 2017 until 3 January 2018 but will be in contact by email.  Keep writing.

Thanks for the huge support you have offered me over the year. Happy holidays!


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