State Archive of Altai Region

State Archive of Altai Region has about 6830 funds in storage. Especially valuable for genealogists with Russian ancestry and family researchers are the funds for the period before 1917 (227 funds).  There are also 1688 funds for the period after 1917 and 4533 funds for Communist Party and Komsomol organizations.

Pre-1917 period is represented by fund 144  “Collection of metrical books of churches” and fund 233 ”Questionnaires of the All-Russia Agricultural Census of 1917”.

The census of 1917 was incomplete because military operations of World War 1 continued. The census included the count of the farm population only.  Say, if your ancestors were working on land, the census would include the family composition without names and list number of animals and land size owned.

Fund Р10 inventory 6 has the information on resettlement of people from Central Russia to Altai region during 1920-1921 period and their re-location into new areas, various correspondence on this issue.

Fund R158 inventory 1 had documents on resettlement certificates and the list of settlers from Tulskaya and Ryazanskaya gubernias in Barnaul Uyezd in 1921.

In fund 174 -Biysk City Government – you can find nearly everything about dwellers of this town  – family lists for the town in 1912, metrical books and revision skazki for 04.02.1869-06.01.1878 period, lists of peasants and meschanins in Biysk in 1881 .

From local newspapers I have learned that the archive is now only 3% digitised.  The archive has more than 2 million 300 thousand units of storage and it is impossible at this stage for the archive to achieve State’s strategy of informatization/digitization of 20%.

It is very difficult to do even “technologically”.  Metrical books have “folios” from 200 to 400 sheets compiled in the way that they are intertwined for ages!

At present the archive only performs per-person research in its electronic database.  You should know the exact birth date and place of your ancestor. This will cost you 565 rubles per person.

If you want the research to be done on your family in All-Russia Agricultural Census of 1917 be prepared to pay 2555 rubles.  In both cases 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The archive does not perform any other search due to big number of inquiries. The other option is to find a local professional researcher.  The costs in this case will be substantial.

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