Russian ancestry in Russian State Historical Archive of Far East

If your Russian ancestry is from Primorskiy region than you have to write to Russian State Historical Archive of Far East (RGIA DV).  It is the only Russian federal archive located in Vladivostok.

It was created in 1943 in Tomsk on the basis of archival documents exported from Far East region during World War 2. More than 500,000 fund are stored in the archive and focus mainly on documents of various institutions and organizations which operated on the territory of modern Primorskiy region,  Khabarovsk, Kamchatka, Amur, Magadan and Sakhalin regions.

Russian State Historical Archive of Far East is the custodian of valuable genealogical resources – the registers of metrical records of orthodox churches and other religious organizations which  operated on the territory of modern Primorsky Region from 1865 to 1922.

In particular,

  • fund 244 ” Vladivostok diocesan administration of Far Eastern regional churches in Chita, the Holy Synod and the Supreme Church Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in Vladivostok” (1854 -1925)
  • Fund 757 – Blagoveshchensk diocesan consistory (1737-1922)
  • fund 1009 Kamchatkaya diocesan consistory, Blagoveshchensk (1812-1923)

In this archive you will also find a lot of interesting information in fund 755 Blagoveshchensk town administration (1864-1923) .  Fund 759 will have documents on meschane of this town for the period 1860-1918.

If your ancestor worked on the railroad than fund 75 is a must to investigate – ” Ussuri branch of railroad services and constructions, Chinese Eastern Railway, Vladivostok” (1901-1920) and fund 31 “Management of Ussuri Railway,  Vladivostok” (1894-1922).

Anyone with an ancestor who served in Imperial Army before the Revolution should look into numerous funds held by the archive:

  • fund 77 “The Office of the Military Governor. Vladivostok” (1878-1889)
  • fund 87 “The Office of the Military Governor, Primorskiy region (1843-917)
  • fund 84 “The Office of the Military Governor, Kamchatka region ” (1833-1876)

Cossacks in the family?  Then fund 149 “Cossack Army administration of Ussuri Cossack troops,  Vladivostok” (1874-1924) should be on your list.

Colonization of Primorye

But the most important collection in this archive is about colonization of Primorye.  A separate website have been created about this event by various archives and libraries listing all related funds and metrical records on its pages.

Development of Primorye  is one of the harshest and heroic pages of history of Russian people. The settlement and economic development of Primorye began in 1859 after the conclusion of the agreement with China. The first settlers were soldiers and Cossacks who created military posts on shores of Lake Khanka, in the Bay of St. Olga and in 1860 in Vladivostok, Novgorod, Novokievsky.  Then almost simultaneously appeared Cossack settlements on the Ussuri River.  To learn more about history of this region go to…

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