St Petersburg archives

I love working with St Petersburg archive.  It’s database, one of not many in Russia, is a searchable database by surname.

However, for the search to be performed, you need to use the GOLDEN rule of the Russian ancestry research, i.e. know your ancestor’s surname in Russian. Go to the page below, enter the Russian surname and see what happens.  Did you get any matches?

Behind the screen the search in this database is executed across 7 archives, which are located in St Petersburg and cover the history of the city and its people:

  • Central State Archive of St Petersburg (1917 – 2002)
  • Central State Historical Archive of St Petersburg. This archive has 2071 funds on municipal government agencies, military agencies and peasant affairs, State Property Management and a specific county, industry and construction organisations.  Most interesting for researches will be the funds of industrial and commercial enterprises (in case if you know where your ancestor worked), of educational institutions, including St Petersburg university and Smolny institute (read about it here), of charitable and artistic societies and institutions.  This archive also holds the records of religious organizations – Orthodox churches (fund 19 for the period 1744-1918), Evangelical Lutheran Consistory (fund 1985 for the period 1808-1909), Roman Catholic churches, religious schools, churches, cathedrals, monasteries and synagogues (fund 422 for 1820-1921 period).
  • Central State Archive of historical and political documents in St Petersburg has the records of the Communist Party members and their activities (1917-1991)
  • Central State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation in St Petersburg stores the documents of various designs and records of engineering and research nature for 1917-1990 period
  • Central State Archive of Literature and Arts of St. Petersburg maintains the records of activities of cultural institutions of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) from 1917 to the present day, as well as the personal papers of writers, composers and other artists of St Petersburg.
  • Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of St. Petersburg has a great collection of photographs for the period 1860-1991, which includes places, people and historical events connected with St Petersburg. Who knows, maybe your ancestors’ photographs are held by this archive?
  • Central State Archive of documents on personnel of St. Petersburg has records on small and big liquidated organisations’ staff.

Good luck in your search. If need help, let me know. The search in this database is easy but will only produce the results, if you have the right information.

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