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voronezh 17Do you have Russian ancestry from Voronezh region? This article is for you.

As many Russian archives State Archive of Voronezh region was established in early 1900s and housed the funds collection in former churches and monasteries of the town (normal practice in those times).

During the World War II the archive was partially evacuated to Ufa.  But despite the partial evacuation, the State Archive suffered enormous damage. As a result of enemy bombing of Voronezh three archival buildings were damaged, destroying documents of county and district courts, schools, spiritual consistory, town halls, magistrates, industrial, commercial and construction trusts, hospitals, trade organizations and others, majority of the book collection of the library of the archive.

This explains why metrical records for Voronezh region survived only in fragments.

Parish registers are stored in Voronezh spiritual consistory  (fund И-84), Borisoglebskii spiritual government (fund И-137), Protection Church in Voronezh (fund И -184), Vvedensky church in Voronezh (fund И -201), Ascension Church in Voronezh (fund И -209), a collection of parish registers for Borisoglebskii County (fund И -281), a collection of parish registers for Novokhopersk County (fund И-282).  The majority of metrical records survived for period from mid XIX century up to 1900-1910 years.

Nobility pedigree can be restored primarily through documents in the fund ”Voronezh provincial deputy noble assembly” ( fund И-29).  This fund has the papers confirming the rights to noble rank, genealogical books, alphabetical lists of nobles by counties, formulary lists.

Genealogical books and lists of nobility, in addition to fund И -29, are also contained in the documents of the fund ”Voronezh provincial leader of nobility” (FM И-30). The fund ”Voronezh provincial council” ( fund И-19) has the lists of hereditary and personal nobles of Voronezh.

When working with clergy pedigree the main source of documents is ”Voronezh spiritual consistory” (fund И-84).  It is important to specify the time of service of the priest to get the research results.

Information on ancestors who worked in official/administrative positions can be obtained from the address-calendar books “Memorable books of Voronezh province” and official lists of provincial and district agencies of Interior Ministry -fund ”Provincial Office” ( fund И-2).  The formulary lists for staff have very useful in research information: the rank, first name, middle name, position, award, date of birth, religion, origin, education, positions held, family and financial situation.

One of the most important sources maintained by the archive is Revision lists -revizskie skazki.  The collection is not stored in full due to losses during the World War II .  The archive only has the lists for 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 audits/revizskie skazki, and only for some counties, settlements, and for some years.  The well preserved materials in fund И-18 are materials for 9th and 10th audits in years 1850 and 1858.

So if you believe that you have enough information about your ancestors (place of birth, year of birth, full names including patronymic), you can proceed with the research.  A request to the archive and payment of genealogical fees charged by the archive might indeed bring you the results.  The genealogical fee charged by the archive (as of 29 January 2016) is 5467 rubles ( for up to 10 files) and 10934 rubles (up to 20 files).

If you need help with any aspect of the research, do not hesitate to contact me.

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