Initial research



Initial research consultation

What will you get:

I will review your family ancestry history and discuss your research goals.

Prior to the consultation, you will need to send me the summary of your family history as I will be going from the information you provide. This facilitates a more in-depth consultation and allows more time to work on the research. Very often clients submit additional information subsequently to the review and this means revisiting and spending more time on research.  Please ensure that you include everything you know.

As a starting point, I will need to convert your family information into a ready-to-research format and establish the reliability of supporting documentation.  It will give me a possibility to estimate the scope of work and provide you with a proper advice.

I will perform the review of available online thematic databases, electronic archival databases, online reference books, the internet in general and Russian genealogical forums.

The research results will be presented in a professionally written report that explains each step of the research process and the findings (including the list of sources checked for you both successfully and unsuccessfully).

I will establish a plan of action for you to continue a research – what is possible and how to continue.

I will specify the records available for further research or consult you about how to solve a specific research problem.  Most importantly, I will tell you whether the search is possible or what type of information you need before you can continue.

Short 30 min consultation or Skype consultation are also available.



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