“Conscription and the Search for Modern Russian Jewry” (The Modern Jewish Experience) by Olga Litvak

“The Jews of Lithuania” by Masha Greenbaum – An insightful chronicle of this 700-year-old community, this book is the definitive historical work on Lithuanian Jews.

Simon Dubnow’s “History of the Jews in Russia and Poland”. This three-volume work, which was published in 1918, has been republished by Avotaynu as a single 600-page volume.

Olga Gershenson, “The Phantom Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and Jewish Catastrophe” (Rutgers UP, 2013)

Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern, “Jews in the Russian Army, 1827-1917″ (Cambridge UP, 2008)

Brandeis University Press released “Everyday Jewish Life in Imperial Russia”, edited by Chaeran Y. Freeze and Jay M. Harris.

“A Russian Farewell: Historical novel based on a true family saga” by Leonard Fisher, dealing with Jewish emigration to the U. S.

“Leaving Russia: A Jewish Story” by Maxim D. Shrayer is a memoir of coming of age and struggling to leave the USSR.

“The Jewish Dark Continent: Life and Death in the Russian Pale of Settlement”  by Nathaniel Deutsch

“The Story of a Life: Memoirs of a Young Jewish Woman in the Russian Empire” by Anna Pavlovna Vygodskaia, translated and edited by Eugene M. Avrutine and Robert H. Greene.

This is an excellent compilation of Russian Jewish recipes -” Memories from a Russian Kitchen: From Shtetl to Golden Land “ by Rosalie Sogolow.

“Rememberings : The World of a Russian-Jewish Woman in the Nineteenth Century (Studies and Texts in Jewish History and Culture, 9) by Pauline Wengeroff

“Defiance: The Bielski Partisans- The story of the largest armed rescue of Jews during World War 2” – by Nechama Tec

This is a wrenching story of a Russian-Jewish family fleeing the pogroms of the early 20th century, the second novel in a planned trilogy. “Rachel’s Promise” by Shelly Sanders

“Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia (Studies on the History of Society and Culture) by Benjamin Nathans

“The little Russian” by Susan Sherman – a book about a Jewish woman living in Russia from 1890-1920

“The Jewish movement in the Soviet Union” by Yaacov  Ro’i

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