For more than six years I have helped people all over the world to study their Russian ancestry and with the help of professional researchers obtain the documents from Russian archives.

Wherever your grandparents came from, and however little is known about them today, imagine that you can learn something new and interesting about your ancestor right away.


Help people make first steps in researching their Russian ancestry.


I believe that to really know yourself, you need to understand who your ancestors were.  And not just to build the family tree by getting as many names as possible, but to know where they came from, what they did and what their lives were like.  You will not remember the dates, but you will cherish their life stories.  “We are all stories in the end,” said Steven Moffat.

I believe that learning about your Russian ancestry should be available to everyone and not limited to those people, who know Russian language and have the ability to communicate with Russian archives. I promote the research by family historians with Russian ancestry on the internet and in Russian archives. If you do not speak or write Russian, it is still possible.  We will work together to get the results.


I offer an individual approach to each family study. After all, the history of each family is unique.

I am engaged in quality professional services and provide truthful information.

All information obtained during the research is based on real historical sources, copies of which are provided to the customer. If not the case, I provide the source. With advances in technology researching Russian ancestry is more affordable than ever before.  More and more archives are digitizing the information held in their vaults and many online databases became available thanks to Russian archives and the Russian government.

I do not manipulate facts, evaluate moral qualities or social status of your ancestors but collect all possible reliable information about them.

I help families to reconnect and made 18 families happy so far.

All information about you and your relatives is confidential. I do not use it for promotional and other purposes without your permission.

I am not limited by the geographical scope – my clients live in different parts of the world.  I help them with documents about their ancestors in the country of immigration and conduct research in Russia with the help of various onsite researchers (Moscow, St Petersburg, Latvia, Ukraine, etc).

I answer any question and work on principles of trust, transparency, openness.

Please read more about how I can help at Consultations and Shop pages.

Yours Tsvetana Spasova


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  1. Errol Reply

    bugarin , Bukharin I was told that the origin of my surname left Russia in early 1900;s to flee being killed. Many bugarins went to Spain and other parts of Europe. I was told that Bugarin is Bukharin in Spanish, I am looking for relatives in Russia.

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Hi there. For you to proceed with the research you need more than the surname. You have to trace your tree to early 1900s before you start digging on Russian side. The place of origin (down to the village) is very important. Regards Tana

  2. Nili Goldman Reply

    Shalom from Israel,

    I find your site very interesting and full of knowledge!

    Just found it and did not read all your posts… yet, but I already saw some that could be very

    helpful in my attempt to help a friend of mine which has roots both in Odessa and Harbin.

    Thank you for your work!

    Nili Goldman

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Thanks. This is the purpose of the website. Hope you will be able to proceed in your research. Tana

  3. Fedor Reply

    Dear Tana!
    Your post «Russian burials – Eastern suburbs memorial cemetery, Sydney, Australia» is very interesting. If you do not mind, I would like to ask some questions by email.

  4. danehmsy Reply

    Hi Tana! My great grand mother was giving a piano concert in Russia when she was pregnant; she couldn’t make it to Czechoslovakia and had to give birth in Saratov. Is there any chance to find the birth records of my grandfather? How does the russian system regarding that topic works? Thank you very much for your help!

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Hi there

      What year are we talking about? If before 1917, than Saratov archives should have metrical records (if survived the wars). Religion is also important.

      If after 1917, the search will be in ZAGS archives and you will need to proof the relationship, which will be difficult.

  5. Margo Lurvey Reply

    Our Family lore has it that our ancestor Peter Lurvey who was in Massachusetts as early as 1653 was from Archangel Russia! Other possible spellings as Lourer, and Loewe! it has also been recorded that they were German Jewish from Russia! DNA for Lurvey men has it that they were European!

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Hi Margo . The first thing is to identify his Russian surname. It is very much possible that it was Russified. Also when did they leave Russia?

      • Margo Lurvey Reply

        I would assume they left Russia in 1600-1650 if they were in the USA By 1653-1670! As I said it has been stated that the surname was either Loewe or Lourer? Someone else said possibility Slurvinsky!! Any thoughts?

  6. katia kopelman Reply

    Good Evening! My mother and I have traced our family tree back to my 2nd great-grandfather, Max Kopelman (Kopelman) who came over from Russia on December 25, 1901 through New York. How would I be able to access records from Russia to find his family? His naturalization papers say he was from Old Konstantine, Russia.
    Thank You!

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Hi Katia I am trying to send you an email and it comes back undeliverable. Please check you message again or re-post it. Thanks Tana

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