How much does Russian ancestry research costs?  There is no simple answer.  It all depends on ….

Assessment of ancestry 

If you have never done any type of research, this is a must.  This service will help you to establish whether you have enough information to proceed.

Usually you need full Russian name, exact date and place of birth.  Sometimes it is easier to locate information and records about the family with unique surname.  However, there are many ways of sourcing this information. Don’t let it stop you. We will help you.

The researcher will specify the records readily available for further research instructions or consult you about how to solve a specific research problem.  Most importantly the researcher will tell you whether the search is possible or what type of information you need before you can continue. Establishing priorities and budget for research are paramount.

Remember -each request is individual.

Tracing Ancestry for many generations

If your aim is to collect as many names in family tree as possible, we are talking about thousands of dollars. There are many researchers in Russia and they all work differently.russian ancestry

Some on an hourly basis.  Most often on a package deal.  There are few payment options available: after job is done, deposit basis, at agreed-upon intervals or a full upfront payment for the complete project ( i.e. everything that can be found in archives).

Remember -no single researcher can guarantee that anything will be found.

Searching for archival records

Since you cannot read or write Russian or your skills are limited, you can employ a record searcher to find and review the archival records for you. Record searchers review only the records you instruct them to search. But how do you know which records and whether the researcher knows what he/she is doing.

The price of research will depend on availability of archival documents about your ancestors, number of files found, number of pages in each file, type of documents  – metrical records, attestation papers , employment listings or census records.

Remember – there are over 50 archives in Russia and records about your ancestors can be found in different archives.


Do you have any records to translate or need help with deciphering the handwriting on old records?  Very often, once the records are found in Russian archives, you need to employ the researcher, who is fluent in both languages and can translate these for you.

Remember – the researcher can help you understand the meaning of document and what is written.  There is so much more to a translation.

Family tree preparation

Do you have a family tree prepared?  The researcher can analyze the information on your tree and find mistakes.  Since Russians use three-part naming system, this helps with family tree preparation and the researcher will help you to navigate here.

Remember -an extra pair of eyes can do magic.

Finding missing people

Are you looking for missing relatives in Russia?  The researcher can do this also. Usually relatives are found once you start the assessment of ancestry.

We do it all. Contact us with your enquiry.