Arranging files from Russian archives includes drafting, sending the letter, following up and other communication. There are many ways of getting information from the archives and I will work with the client if the fee is excessive.  My fee for this service is $60 AUS per archival letter.

You can book me for small assignments (translations, specific questions, etc) at $50AUS. Please allow 30 min.

Are you looking for missing relatives in Russia?  I can help you with this also. I have 18 family reconnection on my list. Please book 30 min of my time to make an assessment.

The initial research session is $150AUS.  During this session, I will discuss your research goals, review your family history, perform the initial research and tell you whether the search is possible or what type of information you need before you can continue. Duration of this service is 1.5 hours.

Stage by stage basis research with $300AUS upfront payment required at the beginning of each stage (after initial consultation).


The biggest limitation in Russian ancestry research is that Russian archives might not have any metrical information or service records (employment or military) about your ancestors.  These could have been lost during wars or due to administration perturbations.   There is no guarantee that research will bring the results you are looking for.  But I promise that you will get the unexpected surprises and learn new details about your family. Hope that I can be of any assistance in your Russian genealogy research.

Don’t waste any more time.  Start getting the results.  BOOK YOUR ASSESSMENT today.