Below you will find a list of useful online Russian ancestry websites and databases where you can find interesting and helpful information about your ancestors.  When in need, right-click the mouse and press “Translate to English”. If you need help in navigating, I am always here.

Remember there is NO Russian ancestry database on internet similar to or  The records of your ancestors are in Russian archives.  You have to contact Russian archives (and this is where the genealogists go to) to find the records of your ancestors.

It is a multi-national family tree database designed and developed for people interested in their own family history and for those with an interest in the histories of royal families and famous people.  Rodovid uses state-of-the-art family tree building technology to organize genealogical information on living and deceased relatives and the relationships among them into a cohesive family tree.

The biggest Russian genealogical forum online.

Another great database on people of Russia from various sources sorted in alphabetical order.

What’s in a surname? – a database on meaning of Russian surname.  Do you know your ancestors surname in Russian? Is it correct?

First reference for anyone with Russian Jewish heritage, but do not discard other sources.

Russian version of genealogical forum and databases on Jewish heritage.  You can learn about it here.

On FamilySpace you can find unique sources of genealogical information –  census materials (Ryazan only), parish registers, address books of urban residents and much more. A great resource.  If you are interested in specific region or town, I can provide you with a short summary of what is available for your area.

A very similar website to FamilySpace, but has much more resources.  Here you can find not only address books but books listing staff of Imperial Navy, Army, Post, educational institutions and much more.  Again the site has a collection separated by regions to make the search easier.

“Revival Society of Ancestral Traditions” is one of the popular Russian ancestry online /genealogical websites in Russia with the forum incorporated in it. It covers topics like World War 1, Moscow merchants. Discover more here.

World War 1 databases


Victims of political terror  – 1930s


WW2 databases

A database of WWII medals awarded to soldiers who participated in this war. – prisoners It is the most comprehensive official Russian database on soldiers lost during the World War II.  To learn more

New database about staff at NKVD. The main source of information is the orders of the NKVD staff for the period from 1935 to 1941. Further information should be found at State Archive of Russian Federation (GARF) – fund 9401

More to come.


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