If you are researching Russian ancestry, below you will find a full list of all Russian archives as published by Rosarchive.  “Russian Archives” Portal is the official website of the Federal Archival Agency (Rosarchive, Росархив) and covers all Russian archives’ catalogues in one place.  All research is in Russian.



There are 15 Federal archives in Russia:

1. State Archive of Russian Federation (GARF)

2. Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts (RGADA) See the article about the archive’s funds here

3. Russian State Historical Archive (RGIA)

4. Russian State Military Historical Archive (RGVIA). Anyone with the Russian ancestor with military career in Imperial Russia should investigate this archive.  Check the articles about medals , research in this archive and do not forget to check “military” related articles in “search”/”tags” functions on this site.

5. Russian State Archive of Navy (RGAVMF)

6. Russian State Archive of Economics (RGAE)

7. Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI).  If your ancestor was connected with Arts in Russia, do not forget to check the archive’s electronic database at RGALI.

8. Russian State Military Archive (RSMA)

9. Russian State Historical Archive of the Far East (RGIADV)

10. Russian State Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation (RGANTD)

11. Branch of Russian State Archive of Scientific-Technical Documentation (RGANTD) in Samara

12. Russian State Archive Phonodocuments (RGAFD)

13. Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents (RGAKFD)

14. Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History (RGASPI)

15. Russian State Archive of Contemporary History (RGANI)


Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire (AVPRI)


22 archives of Republics of Russian Federation

Central State archive of Republic of Dagestanhere 


9 archives in Regions/Krai of Russian Federation:

1. Altai Region

2. Trans-Baikal region –here 

3. Kamchatka region

4. Krasnodar region

5. Krasnoyarsk region

6. Perm region.  Check the metrical records at this site 

7. Primorskiy region

8. Stavropol region

9. Khabarovsk region. I did not cover Khabarovsk region archive in detail but an electronic BREM database is of value to anyone with ancestors from Harbin and wider Manchuria area.



46 archives in Оblast/Provinces of Russian Federation:

1.  Yaroslavl oblast. 100% chance of finding your ancestors in this archive is guaranteed by the director of the archive.  Read about it here.

2. Belgorod oblast – Check the metrical records for Belgorod here

3. Sakhalin oblast – 1897 census online (here)

4. Voronezh  – here

5. Arkhangelsk  –here 

More to come.


22 Archives in Republics:

1. Bashkiria  – an article on what you can find in this archive here


3 archives in Federal cities:

  1. Moscow archive – history and inventories (here)
  2. St Petersburg archives- recommend doing the “search” on this site (or in “Tags”) for St Petersburg. Few articles cover different funds and research aspects.
  3. Sevastopol archive

4 archives in Autonomous regions/districts:

  1. Jewish Autonomous region
  2. Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous region- Yugra
  3. Chukotka Autonomous region
  4. Yamal-Nenets Autonomous region

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