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How to prepare for genealogical research

-Describe the MAIN IMPORTANT FACTS of biographies of grandparents and great-grandparents (of those known): the place and date of birth, the place and date of death, the place of work/service, marriage details – place and date, participation in wars, immigration facts.

-Tell family LEGENDS

-Provide PHOTOS and pictures as these do tell a story.

-FAMILY TREE, if prepared


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8 thoughts on “Get in touch

  1. Jackson Howchick(Hewczuk) Reply

    Hey i am trying to find my heritage what i know about is my family was from the soviet union mostly lithuania an d ukraine i would like help discovering it the last name was (in english) Hewczuk most of my family changed it to Howchick because alot of people cant say the Ukranian pronounciation.

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Hi there
      Do you have their immigration and death records? These might shed some more light. Is the (English version) surname consistent across all documents? Do you know the name of the place where they came from?

      The surname is probably Хевчук – Hewchuk. Let me know if you have more information. It might help. Tana

  2. carscallen1 Reply

    Please do have a look at my book, ” A Countess In Limbo”, diaries from the Russian Revolution and the two World Wars. They are the diaries of my great aunt Countess Olga Hendrikoff. Her sister in-law Countess Anastasia Hendrikoff was murdered with the Imperial family. The book has a detailed index which may be helpful for those searching for family. Thank you. Sue Carscallen

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Thank you very much for letting me and everybody else know about your website and the book. Regards Tana

  3. Janet Redman Reply

    Hi, I am trying to research my heritage and am stuck at my great great grandfather Jacob Rittenberg who left Russia on the Aurania and arrived in Liverpool, England in 1891 aged 40yrs. Besides this information I have hit a brick wall. Would love any help or suggestions that you may be able to offer me, Regards, Janet ( Adelaide, South Australia)

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Dear Janet

      Do you know the place where Jacob was living in Russia? and his profession?

  4. Patrycja Janus Reply

    Hi Tana.
    I am trying to find records of my father. I have not met him all I have is his name and whereabouts at a certain time in the past as he was a Russian Army Officer. Is this something that could lead us somewhere?
    Thank you.

    • Tana Post authorReply

      Hello Patrycja

      Yes we can work with that. There is no guarantee but there is a possibility. Send me an email at russianheritage at hotmail dot com.

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