Are you interested in finding relatives in Russia (or possibly overseas)?

I have 13 Russian family re-unions on my list since I started researching on a regular basis. Read the articles about A phone call away, Twice lucky on myheritage.  Also check the testimonials.  When you are ready, this is what will happen.

  • You give me every bit of information you have.  Do not omit “not important” in your opinion information.
  • I will make an assessment and advice about the possible steps to be taken.  Usually “the find” happens during the initial research on your family.
  • I will make necessary writing or phone calls to facilitate family connections with Russian relatives.
  • If no one is found, I will (at your discretion) post messages in Russian about your ancestors on various genealogical forums. Not many Russians know English, so posting in Russian is the most effective.

Please contact me with your family information through   Looking forward to finding your relatives!

Do not delay!


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