Life’s most interesting journeys often begin with a coincidence.  Or sometimes stories find you.

After living in Australia for nearly two decades I was ignorant of legacy left by first Russian immigrants who came to this country.  Who were they?  When and why came?  Today there are many articles and few books written about migration waves from Russia.  The names of most prominent Russian-Australians can be found in Australian biography database.  But, as my research shows, there were many people whose lives are forgotten.  This page is dedicated to them and everyone who have ever lived in Australia.

Evlampia Semenovna Holtze (nee Mezintsoff , Мезинце(o)ва Евлампия Семеновна), arrived 1872

John Alexander Seeck, arrived 1888

Waldemar Franz von Kroeber – arrived 1909, Anzac soldier

Aaron Bolot [Bolotinskiy] , architect known for many buildings in Sydney, arrived 1911

Ivan Ivanovich Suhomlin arrived to Adelaide, South Australia, on SS Solinger in 1911, sculptor, painter

Michael Emmanuilovich Klyachko – doctor, arrived 1916 during the World War 1, Anzac soldier

Lydia Aleksandrovna Mortill (nee Клягина Лидия Александровна, Klyagina Lydia Aleksandrovana), arrived 1917

Varvara K – Varvara Nikolaevna Kassovskaia, singer, arrived in 1922

Nikolay Valerianovich Rimskiy-Korsakov (Николай Валерианович Римский-Корсаков) arrived to Brisbane 1924

Nikolai Vasilyevich Bunin – arrived 1924

John Howard, an Englishman from St Petersburg, arrived 1927

Anatol Kagan (Каган Анатолий Абрамович), architect, arrived 1939

Kira Bousloff (nee Abrikosova, Абрикосова Кира Алексеевна), ballerina




Russian cannons in Centennial Park, Sydney

Russian Wharf in Launceston or Russians in Tasmania

Australia through Russian spectacles – Russians in 1910

Books about Russian Australians, including ”Russian Anzacs” by Elena Govor

Botany cemetery -Russian burials

Australian Dictionary of Biography –



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