Thank you for taking the time to translate the last letter. You send me so much happiness and joy every time I have the privilege to read one of the family letters. And I dearly love Alexey, I really would have loved to know him. Please know how much your help, work and passion for Russian ancestry is appreciated.

By Tiina , USA, March 2016


The services provided by Find Russian Heritage not only identified where my family came from (a tiny village just north of Moscow), but also – and more importantly – connected me with distant relatives I hadn’t known about. If that wasn’t enough, upon meeting these relatives (via email), Tana enthusiastically assisted me with the language barrier by translating incoming messages and responding on my behalf in Russian. ..

Michael T, through LinkedIn


I had a dream -to find our lost relatives. I did not know where to start, what to look for. So I told our family story to Tana, without any hope. Two days later, Tana found our relatives. I was jumping out of my skin, I never thought it was possible. Tana’s attention to details is incredible. Yes, we went to America together to meet them. It was very emotional for me, and I am so glad Tana was there. We cried and laughed together, and cried again, but I would not have it any other way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Inna, Sydney, Australia


Help with what to ask for at Russian archives in Moscow, composing the letters and what to obtain from each different branch of Archives was of the highest standard as without this I would not have been able to find answers. I now have correspondence with my family who remained in Russia… Without the help of Tana this would not have been possible as the knowledge she has of her country and it’s history helps her to help me. I am ever thankful for the opportunity Tana has given me and my family. With many thanks to Tana.

Maria, Opawa, NZ


A. (my Russian relative who lives in Jerusalem) and I are enjoying our new friendship, and she has introduced me to other cousins here in the States (one of my cousins lives 10 minutes from my home), as well as Australia, Israel and St. Petersburg, as you told me.  Everyone is thrilled. Thanks to your help, we have reunited the family after 60 years!

Judy, Illinois, USA


For many years I have been trying to trace my family in Russia.  I had nothing more than some dates of birth, possible places of birth and stories told to me as a young child in England.  After placing the message on Message Boards Tana answered and from then on I was able to get so much information from Russian Archives, with Tana’s help. We found where the family lived and Tana sourced photographs of the streets; the line of work and business they were in, where they were educated and their time with the Military.

From Maria, Opawa, NZ


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